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    Baroness plus Royal Thunder

    19/10/2013 | The Slade Rooms


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    9 months after the terrifying bus crash, Georgia rockers Baroness have just added new UK tour, taking Wolverhampton Slade Rooms on Oct 19 with Royal Thunder as support.

    Along with the new shows, Baroness have offered a short video introducing the band's new drummer and bassist, while chronicling where the band currently finds itself nine months after 2012 bus crash nearly killed the band's members.

    In August 2012, Baroness' tour bus crashed through a guard rail at a high rate of speed, sending the band and other members of Baroness' touring team 30 feet downward into a wooded area. The England crash resulted in serious injuries sustained by frontman John Baizley, bassist Matt Maggioni and drummer Allen Blickle, while guitarist Pete Adams was lucky enough to escape with minimal trauma. Both Maggioni and Blickle parted ways with Baroness in March due to "effects and injuries" from the crash, but Baroness have created a video to showcase their new lineup and to update fans on Baroness' progress from all sides.

    "The storyline; the arc that's happening here, can very quickly get into, 'That band that was in a bus crash,' and that can be our stigma," explains Baizley. "It's important for me to understand that we have built an audience and that audience has a sympathy for what we've gone through, and that sympathy would be exploitable, but I have no interest in exploiting it."

    Baroness further describe their immense desire to hit the road once again, doing it "harder and better" despite experiencing severe physical and metal anguish. The video goes on to introduce drummer Sebastian Thomson and bassist Nick Jost as the newest half of Baroness.


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