• Russell Brand - Re: Birth

    01/11/2018 | Civic Hall

    What is real? Who are we? Where did this baby come from? In RE:BIRTH, Russell Brand wrestles with these questions while unravelling the matrix of modern media, politics, sex, fatherhood and death. Join one of comedy's fiercest talents as he tries...

  • Tax The Heat

    21/04/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    Forming in Bristol, a chance meeting between old friends Alex Veale and Jack Taylor led them to start working together as a duo, before Antonio Angotti and JP Jacyshyn completed the line-up and Tax The Heat was formed. The friendship between Veale and...

  • Fires That Divide

    01/04/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    West Midlands-based rock band FIRES THAT DIVIDE have an eclectic range of musical creativity delivered with a hard punch. Kirk & Steven originally created the premise back in February 2014; the new outfit has been together since August 2014. In a...

  • Vintage Trouble

    04/06/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    Vintage Trouble is a sensational, soulful four-man band whose very essence screams out loud of the late 1950's to 1960's. Turned on by and tuned into the evolutionary period in music and life when there was a razor thin line between Rhythm & Blues...

  • Katatonia

    09/05/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    Sweden's much loved architects of dark progressive rock/metal, Katatonia celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band in 2016, a year that also saw them release their 10th studio album - the critically acclaimed The Fall of Hearts.

  • Sonata Arctica

    28/03/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    'Since our latest European Tour was merely a blimp on the radar, albeit a strong one at that, we decided that we had to come back and make sure we hit all the places we missed on the first run. So, here it is: 2 months of shows in Europe, including a...

  • William Shakespeare's - The Comedy...

    11/08/2017 | Bantock Park

    The Lord Chamberlain's Men, the UK's premier all male theatre company, invite you to join them this summer for Shakespeare's most hilarious farce, The Comedy of Errors.

  • The Undercover Hippy

    13/05/2017 | The Slade Rooms

    Billy Rowan, aka The Undercover Hippy, is definitely not your average singer songwriter. His music brings together acoustic guitar, soulful vocals, infectious reggae rhythms, and the lyrical delivery of a skilled mc. After 7 years spent DJ'ing and MC'ing...

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