Wulfrun Hall

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WV1 1RQEnquiries: 0870 320 7000Bookings: 0870 320 7000

For private hire
Please contact Phil Turner:
Technical Specifications

Standing: 1134 Seated 672 * Seated 350 * Capacity may be reduced for mixer position

Load In
Load in is via side door located at the bottom of Corporation St (off to the left of the building off North St.) and is on the flat over a 30ft / 9mtr push (approx.). 4ft6in /1.4mtr width x 6ft 6in / 2.20mtr high.

Parking is facilitated in Corporation St., which is located down the left hand side of the building. Parking passes must be collected from Duty Manager on arrival. Parking areas are allotted for the use of production vehicles only private cars are not considered exempt by traffic wardens except in the case of production runners.

Stage Opening
Opening Width : 26ft/7.9mtr ( see stage plan )

Stage Width

Stage Depth

Stage Height
3ft 9in/1.2mtr

Stage Clearance

Auditorium Length

Auditorium Width

A landline is available on request. Cabling is not supplied by the venue. Cables should not be run across public walkways or anywhere where they may be construed as a hazard or risk to public safety. Unfortunately we are unable to leave landlines out overnight.

Rooms and Furniture
Two are available, located directly below the main stage area. The dressing rooms have 2 toilets and 2 showers available for their specific use. A lockable production office is, at present, located adjacent to the dressing rooms, access is gained via staircase, stage right and has 3 direct dial telephone lines. (See above for numbers)

Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room 2

Dressing Room 3

Dressing Room 4

Dressing Room 5

Dressing Room 6

Production Office 1

Production Office 2

Hospitality Suite

Catering Area
A fully equipped kitchen is available for the use of tour caterers. This is located to the rear of the bar area adjacent to auditorium. Propane gas bottles are not allowed into the building. In house catering is available on request. For more information and quotes please contact the bars manager on 01902 552122.

Stage Barrier
We have a Sico freestanding barrier in house, supplied within the cost of hall hire. This must be used on standing shows!

Local crew are supplied in house by Stage Wolves Ltd. Your contact for the event is Steve McCalmont on 01902 552116.

This is run along side of hall requiring approximately 70ft / 21mtr approx. of cable.

Rigging: Power
Power supplies are located stage left.

Rigging: Lighting
125 amp 3 phase

Rigging: Rigging
32 amp 3 phase

Rigging: Sound
63 amp single phase

Rigging: Local
Any lifting equipment brought into the building must carry relevant test/safety certification.

House Lights
House lights are dimmed to a minimum during the show and are operated from stage left or the foyer area in case of an emergency (a technician will be available to operate them on your cue)

In house PAs are supplied by Stage Audio Services. Contact Kevin Moberley Tel : (01384) 263629 Fax : (01384) 263620

In house lighting rigs are available on request. Please contact the Technical Manager/Officer for details.


Fire Safety
Any drapes/material must carry relevant fire safety certificates.

Electrical Safety
Any electrical equipment entering the building must carry valid electrical safety mark.

Sound Checks
There are no sound curfews in force in the venue.

Sound Levels
A sound level indicator is installed adjacent to the mixer position, in the venue, you are advised to use this as an indicator of safe levels.

Smoke Machines
Please check before using smoke machines to confirm smoke detectors, in relevant areas, are isolated.

Mixer Position
Mixer positions must be located against the rear wall of the venue to comply with licensing agreements and should be kept to a minimum size. Please advise, prior to event, if an extra large or specialised position is required. Please advise as early as possible on seated shows so that seats can be held off sale.

Warning signs must be displayed in public areas, by the production team, if strobe lighting is used during the event.

If pyrotechnics are to be used warning must be given well in advance of show day. As fire officer approval must be sought. All systems must be key operated by a competent person. (Test fires may be request on day of show).

We can supply pre-washed towels at load in. A hire cost of ?1.50 per a towel will be charged.

Ice is available in house at no extra charge.

All drinks are served in plastic beakers and are allowed into the auditorium, unless otherwise requested.

The venue reserves the right to charge a fee for the rights to sell merchandising on its premises, this is calculated by sales figures (ie. ?12.50 per 100 ticket sales). 2 x 13amp sockets will be made available for the use of the merchandiser.

First Aid
Adequate first Aid provision can be organised by the venue. A cost charged by the St John Ambulance service will be rechargeable to the promoter.

Box Office
Box office staff will be supplied for the event at no extra Charge to the promoter. This service will be available from door time forward.

Guest Lists
In accordance with the Fire Officer?s regulations, guest list will be restricted to 25 persons to conform with licensing agreements. Any further guests will have to be allocated out of promoter holds. All passes are issued from box office.

Stewards will be supplied at no extra cost to the promoter to conform with relevant local licensing authority regulations.

Will be supplied to a level relevant to specific events and at promoters request, costs will be recharged to event promoter.

A Box Office manifest and a breakdown of costs will be made available once box office has been closed on show night. Up to ?5000 in cash can be made available on the night if requested. Notice must be given prior to show day if cheques are required on the night of show.

Door time is will be at 19:00hrs unless otherwise requested prior to tickets going on sale and a curfew of 23:00hrs will be enforced unless otherwise requested prior to the event.

A minimum of 30 mins. should be allowed for interval, so as to allow sufficient time for customers to leave and return to their seats.

Phone Numbers

Doctor: 01902688500

Emergency Dentist: 01902766388 / 01831 093605

Novatel Hotel: 01902871100

Mount Hotel: 01902752055

Quality Hotel: 01902429216

Best Western : The Connaught Hotel: 01902424433

Taxi Services: 01902423456 / 575757 or 01902 454321

TNT (Parcel Delivery): 0800100600

Securicor Omega (Parcel Delivery): 0990888555

Parcel Force (Parcel Delivery): 0800224466

One Way Music Shop (Instrument Supplies): 01902423060

Musical Exchanges (Instrument Hire/Supplies): 01212485868

Venue Accessibility
We are constantly trying to improve the service we provide, if you have any comments, complaints or suggestions, or you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact our Marketing Manager, Crissie Rushton on 01902 55 21 22 or boxoffice@wolvescivic.co.uk
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