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    The Xcerts

    01/03/2018 | The Slade Rooms

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    The Xcerts are a three piece rock band originally formed in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. They have released three studio albums, with their latest, There Is Only You, peaking at #96 on the UK Albums Chart

    "Hold On To Your Heart is about finding a pinhole of light in the dark and turning it into the sun. We really did shoot for the stars with this one." When Murray Macleod, frontman of The XCERTS, surmises the band's new album, it's with the same wild-eyed enthusiasm and passion with which he pens sing-along modern pop anthems infused with a thick layer of 80's heartland rock. His proclamation of how music can turn the smallest pinprick of light into a dazzling solar spectacle is the motivating thread that weaves throughout the album. Hold On To Your Heart is a bold, pure love letter to a bygone era inked by a sentimental hopeless romantic. Buoyed by the response to There is Only You, the band's astonishing, life-affirming 2014 third album, The XCERTS were invigorated and inspired to create an 10-track love-letter to hope, belief and aspiration. Whilst the songs are shot through with sheer gutsy determination, they were written in strife but bolstered by a sanguine optimism. The album chronicles Macleod's descent into the dark and his determination to crawl back into the light. "The songs are coming from a really bad place," he says. "I'd become a really empty human being'; It felt like my wires were all lined-up perfectly and colour co-ordinated and as soon as my girlfriend and I broke up, it was like someone had yanked them all out. I couldn't really relate to anyone, I was struggling to talk to people, I just couldn't go out and face the world. Fundamentally I just felt completely worthless, I just didn't know who I was and I didn't really care about who I was either!"


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