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    Mitch Benn - Don't Fear The Reaper

    06/05/2017 | Art Gallery

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    It's been a morbid year for 'the country's leading musical satirist' (Times), he's turned 46 - over the hill by anyone's standards - his personal life is in turmoil and his childhood heroes are dropping like flies. At times like these, a man feels the Reaper creeping up on him? But is death anything to fear? And is it really the end? (Yes. Yes, it is, sorry!) Mitch confronts his - and your - mortality with hilarious (and tuneful) consequences. Join him! It's an hour of your life you're not getting back!

    It's a show that will make you laugh a lot and think a bit as well as Mitch debunks myths, exposes nonsense and grapples with the very nature of knowledge itself extolling the virtues of an evidence-based approach to life .... with amusing consequences and of course a few songs along the way. The 'Now Show' aside, Mitch has recently co-presented with Harry Shearer BBC Radio 2's 'Anatomy Of A Guitar' as well performing 'Mitch Benn Is The 37th Beatle' and presenting 'Spank The Plank' both for BBC Radio 4. An occasional series where Mitch takes his unique and quirky look at a few more rock icons has been commissioned by Radio 4. 'Britain's leading musical satirist' The Times 'A truly superb, must see show' Young Perspective ***** 'Funny and clever' The Sunday Herald 'His creative juices have not abated' One4Review **** www.mitchbenn.com


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