Wolves Civic Hall and Wulfrun Hall boat some of the richest venue history in the UK.

...Did you know that Morrissey played his first solo performance at Wolves Civic Hall in 1988 and Nirvana played at the venue as part of their 1991 tour?

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What was on in 2020

31/12/2020 Thursday
Boxstock featuring Hollowbelly
31/12/2020 Thursday
Boxstock featuring The Dusk Brothers Special Guests
31/12/2020 Thursday
Prince Of Joburg - Album Launch T33K1D
24/10/2020 Saturday
COBO : Comedy Shutdown
15/10/2020 Thursday
Rob Auton - The Time Show
22/08/2020 Saturday
EVE'S REUNION - 1000% Old Skool
20/07/2020 Monday
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
02/07/2020 Thursday
18/04/2020 Saturday
Nick Helm - Phoenix From The Flames
09/04/2020 Thursday
THE BREW Supports
21/03/2020 Saturday
Sukh Ojla : Life Suks
14/03/2020 Saturday
Ultimate Green Day
13/03/2020 Friday
Crissy Rock
28/02/2020 Friday
Jamali Maddix: Strip Club Einstein
22/02/2020 Saturday
The Clone Roses , Oas-is and The Smiths LTD
20/02/2020 Thursday
Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy
16/02/2020 Sunday
Janey Godley's Soup Pot Tour
15/02/2020 Saturday
Tom Stade: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
05/02/2020 Wednesday
Flo & Joan - Before The Screaming Starts
01/02/2020 Saturday
Dr Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine: Wolverhampton Festival...
01/02/2020 Saturday
An Evening with Alan McGee: Wolverhampton Literature...
01/02/2020 Saturday
Wolverhampton Literature Festival: The Ishiguro Songbook...
01/02/2020 Saturday
Wolverhampton Literature Festival: The Ishiguro Songbook...
31/01/2020 Friday
Cerys Matthews - Where The Wild Cooks Go: Wolverhampton...
31/01/2020 Friday
Bones Presents A Lil Something Different: Wolverhampton...
25/01/2020 Saturday
The Guns N'Roses Experience and Wrong Jovi
23/01/2020 Thursday
Darren Harriott
18/01/2020 Saturday
17/01/2020 Friday
Francis Dunnery's IT BITES - Once Around The World
Banks's Brewery