Wolves Civic Hall and Wulfrun Hall boat some of the richest venue history in the UK.

...Did you know that Morrissey played his first solo performance at Wolves Civic Hall in 1988 and Nirvana played at the venue as part of their 1991 tour?

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What was on in 2019

31/12/2019 Tuesday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club NYE!
18/12/2019 Wednesday
Slow Readers Club
14/12/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
13/12/2019 Friday
Joy Division Tribute 'Transmission' & Depeche Mode...
12/12/2019 Thursday
07/12/2019 Saturday
Under A Banner, The Gift and This Winter Machine
06/12/2019 Friday
Rebecca Downes
30/11/2019 Saturday
Carl Hutchinson: I Know I Shouldn't Behave Like This...
29/11/2019 Friday
Oaziz vs Kazabian
28/11/2019 Thursday
The Indians Are Coming : Diwali Dhamaka
23/11/2019 Saturday
Kirvana & Pearl Scam
22/11/2019 Friday
17/11/2019 Sunday
2019 BoyleSports Grand Slam Of Darts
17/11/2019 Sunday
TRAVEL - Grand Slam of Darts
16/11/2019 Saturday
15/11/2019 Friday
09/11/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
08/11/2019 Friday
Dan Omari 2.0
03/11/2019 Sunday
Andrew O'Neill
02/11/2019 Saturday
Desi Central Comedy Night
01/11/2019 Friday
Daliso Chaponda: Blah Blah Blacklist
01/11/2019 Friday
Lost Voice Guy: I'm Only In It For The Parking
31/10/2019 Thursday
John Kearns: Double Take and Fade Away
31/10/2019 Thursday
Desiree Burch
31/10/2019 Thursday
Fright Wig: The Curtain Twitcher Cometh
29/10/2019 Tuesday
Frank Skinner: Showbiz
27/10/2019 Sunday
Gary Delaney: Gagster's Paradise
26/10/2019 Saturday
COBO: Comedy Shutdown
26/10/2019 Saturday
Nightmare on Broad Street with Blast Off DJs- Gav, Ian ...
19/10/2019 Saturday
Slade Fans Convention
18/10/2019 Friday
An Evening With Don Powell
18/10/2019 Friday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club - Festival Special!
12/10/2019 Saturday
Vicious Nature
05/10/2019 Saturday
Fern Brady: Power and Chaos
04/10/2019 Friday
Ferocious Dog
28/09/2019 Saturday
Adam Rowe
27/09/2019 Friday
21/09/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
20/09/2019 Friday
The Unreceived
14/09/2019 Saturday
Heresy - Reign The Parade 2019
07/09/2019 Saturday
The Jam'd
06/09/2019 Friday
Hats Off To Led Zeppelin
17/08/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
16/08/2019 Friday
Black Angus (ACDC) and Sack Sabbath
10/08/2019 Saturday
Blast Off
31/07/2019 Wednesday
Rosalie Cunningham Band (ex Purson)
26/07/2019 Friday
Whitesnake UK and Total Thunder
20/07/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
20/07/2019 Saturday
Doreen's 'State of the Nation' Lecture - RESCHEDULED...
13/07/2019 Saturday
Doreen's 'State of the Nation' Lecture - POSTPONED
13/07/2019 Saturday
In Our Lives & Headshrinkers
12/07/2019 Friday
Pull Up Tour ft.Big Dog Yogo, MDR Tilla, Sox, RTkal, Ky...
28/06/2019 Friday
Actors & Empathy Test
15/06/2019 Saturday
Who Are You UK - A Tribute To The Who
14/06/2019 Friday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
07/06/2019 Friday
Live, Loud & Local: Carbon Copy, Glory Fades, The...
30/05/2019 Thursday
The Lord Chamberlain's Men present A Midsummer Night's Dream
25/05/2019 Saturday
COBO (Comedy Of Black Origin) Comedy Shutdown
24/05/2019 Friday
Killing Eve (ex Skeletal Family, Ghost Dance, All About...
22/05/2019 Wednesday
The Treatment & Bigfoot
18/05/2019 Saturday
Ian Prowse & Amsterdam
17/05/2019 Friday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
15/05/2019 Wednesday
Sam Avery - The Learner Parent
05/05/2019 Sunday
Punk Runs Wild with Hung Like Hanratty
04/05/2019 Saturday
Crest Glider
03/05/2019 Friday
AC/DC Experience
28/04/2019 Sunday
LOL (Ladies Of Laughter) With Noreen Khan
26/04/2019 Friday
The Brew
20/04/2019 Saturday
19/04/2019 Friday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
14/04/2019 Sunday
Raymond Froggatt
13/04/2019 Saturday
UK Guns & Roses
12/04/2019 Friday
Aesthetic Perfection
06/04/2019 Saturday
The Annual Mayor's Rock Fest
05/04/2019 Friday
Ivo Graham - Motion Sickness
04/04/2019 Thursday
Micky P Kerr - Z-List Celebrity
03/04/2019 Wednesday
Swimming Tapes
30/03/2019 Saturday
The Dualers
29/03/2019 Friday
Dan Omari
23/03/2019 Saturday
Hayseed Dixie
22/03/2019 Friday
Jizzy Pearl LOVE/HATE
16/03/2019 Saturday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
15/03/2019 Friday
Blackout Events Neon Festival
09/03/2019 Saturday
Eve's 80's & 90's Reunion
23/02/2019 Saturday
That Manchester Night
22/02/2019 Friday
Tommys Brownload Tour
19/02/2019 Tuesday
Dr John Cooper Clarke - The Luckiest Guy Alive
15/02/2019 Friday
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club
14/02/2019 Thursday
The Noise Next Door Remix
09/02/2019 Saturday
Doreens Annual Lecture
08/02/2019 Friday
The Godfathers
03/02/2019 Sunday
Steve Lamacq - Going Deaf For A Living
03/02/2019 Sunday
Tracey Thorn - Another Planet
03/02/2019 Sunday
Daria Kulesh: Long Lost Home
03/02/2019 Sunday
Trevor Marriott - Jack The Ripper: The Real Truth
02/02/2019 Saturday
Louise Distras
02/02/2019 Saturday
Stewart Lee, King Kong & The Nightingales
02/02/2019 Saturday
Ann Widdecombe: Strictly Ann
02/02/2019 Saturday
Alan Johnson: In My Life
02/02/2019 Saturday
Oasis, Manchester & Me
02/02/2019 Saturday
Elvis McGonagall
02/02/2019 Saturday
An Evening With Kim Woodburn
02/02/2019 Saturday
Rosie Wilby - Is Monogamy Dead?
01/02/2019 Friday
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast
01/02/2019 Friday
Kate Innes & Whalebone - Flock of Words
01/02/2019 Friday
On Our Way Back - Tim Spiers & Nathan Judah
01/02/2019 Friday
Bones Presents A lil Something Different....
26/01/2019 Saturday
Gin Annie - Album Launch
18/01/2019 Friday
Francis Dunnery - The Big Lad In The Windmill 2019
12/01/2019 Saturday
Whole Lotta DC & Mentallica
05/01/2019 Saturday
VIP Record Fair
Banks's Brewery